Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yuhuuuuuuuu! I am back! has been years but finally i managed to log in to my old greenish blog...yeahhh too many things to be jotted down here...ofcourse this is just a beginning to my next phase of my journey...stay tune fella!

Monday, August 2, 2010


huhuhu...sungguh lama aku meninggalkan aktiviti memblogging nie...memang malas la alasan dia...malas nak type...cukup la serabut kepala otak kat opis...takyah la nak tambah lagi keserabutan tu kat umah plak...tapi akhirnya aku telah buat keputusan untuk maintain blog nie...sukati aku la nak update bila2 pon...ikut pon sebab aku mc...taktau nak buat apa...hmmm....ingat nak godek2 template blog aku ni yg dah outdated ni...tapi aku tetap dengan bangganya nak maintain blog nie...kaler hijau tu maintain....tapi header tu mcm buruk plak...gamba lama giler...nanti kalu rajin aku tukar la...silap2 aku tukar design sekali....tengok la mood camne nanti...hmmm

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kutunggu Dia :)


Fuhh...rupanya ada lagi blog nie...aku ingat blogspot dah "tutup" akaun blog aku ni...huhuhu... ni masih lagi "bernyawa"...the last post was on Ramadhan last year...huhuhu...

Lama giler tu....ntah la...tetiba je aku rasa nak type something...maklum la dah lama tak feel camnie...of course...the feeling when I was alone...

Infact, sekarang ni pon still aku berjauhan dengan si dia...cuma kali nie tak la jauh mana...2-3 jam perjalanan je...every weekend memang wajib jumpa...hehehe...

banyak sebenarnya nak type kat sini...mcm2 peristiwa & kejadian berlaku...tapi cukup la dengan intro yg serba ringkas ni...

pasni kalu ada masa aku type lagi...

lagipon skrg tengah tunggu si dia...harap2 sampai dengan selamat...amiin...


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am partially enjoying life :)

hi everyone.

my last post was on april and now we are in september.
how i am so busy with my life. happy life :)

for muslims, we are still in a holy month of ramadhan.

hopefully it's not too late for me to wish everyone happy fasting especially within the last 10 nights of ramadhan where there was a night when al-quran was revealed. a night that is better than countless number of nights - laylatul qadr.

again, as the title abovementioned, i am "partially" enjoying life. reason being my wifey is still distanced away from me. but alhamdulillah we could still meet during the weekends. but "something" is really missing as for married couple. but we do contact every day and never miss a chance to meet up during the weekends. that's why i really don't give a damn to update this bloody blog. hehe.

it's nothing more for me to dream off besides having her with me all the time. enjoying the life to the fullest every moments together. insyaAllah. soon. ameen.

ok la. i am about to leave.

oh ya, now i'm at my wifey's house. i supposed to go back at 11.30am by bus but it has been canceled then. she needs me to stay here longer. so i changed my mind and i will driving back to kl this evening instead. that's the best i can offer her :)

hmm. after this maybe we'll pay a visit to her friend who just delivered a baby :)
congrats to her. then we'll continue our shopping marathon at plaza angsana. hehe.

ok then.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MTB - Nuang

Last Sunday I went to Nuang for another attempt to enhance my fitness level, robustness and controllability skills (especially during the downhill ride) by cycling up to the Lolo camp site. As the majority of you would be aware, Gunung Nuang is the highest mountain in Selangor at 1493m and located at Hulu Langat. It is a good training place for trekkers and also claimed as one of the difficult mountain to trek. Hmm. Okay. Some people still finds it fascinating. Obviously, I am part of it. Together with my fellow colleagues, Musaddad and Kamarul.

I woke up in the morning feeling a little bit like sorrow after I start thinking of my missus whom wants me to have a good rest on Sunday after packed agenda within the weekend - I have been to Putrajaya Critical Mass (I will upload the pictures sooner) on last Friday night and reached home at late Saturday night after attending a glamorous Masquerade Rendezvous dinner at One Utama Hotel, Damansara. As I could remember, I reached home around 1am and started a move heading to Nuang around 7am this morning. But things happen, okay? I guess the spirit of the mountain had softened my missus' heart and she finally agreed to let me join the ride. Hehe =P

Initially, we planned to meet at the Dewan Dato’ Nazir at Hulu Langat. Seriously, never heard about it. Musaddad told me there is a Masjid nearby. No further details. That time I presumed there will be only one remarkable Masjid along the way. But, to my counts, there are more than three Masjids! I made a call to Musaddad directly. He knows the vicinity area perfectly. For me, it’s been ages never been there. After two phone calls were made, we confirmed our position for tracking purpose and finally we reached at the Gunung Nuang base almost at the same time.

We arrived at the base around 8.30am and we could see numbers of cars parked along the road side. The weather was excellent. After getting the bikes ready, we started a move around 8.50am. Upon reaching the trailhead, we were supposed to register with RM1 entry fee per person. There, we could see a group with most of them with backpacks. None with bikes. Hmm. Got one Chinese guy told me that they will try to reach the summit. A normal walking pace will take about 8 to 9 hours to reach the summit. It depends, really. Normally, people will camp near Lolo or Tanah Pacat before proceeding to the summit. For us, we made it up to the Lolo within 1h 30m. A great completion by mountain biking!

The trail itself is a mixed of double tracks through diverse terrain including rocks, hills and clay based hard pack with mud holes. Luckily, it was not raining last night. So, the red clay is fine when dry. The trails getting harder as it’s almost reaches the Lolo camp site. Actually, the trail is really mental-torturing and it can often break one's will with its non-stop uphills. However, our mental anguish has been paid off with the aqua therapy sessions and the cooling effect offered by the waterfall. That’s actually our main target. At least, there is something good waiting for us.

Prior pampering ourselves in the pool, without further delay, we attacked the food we (Musaddad and Kamarul) brought. Hehe. You would never be able to guess what our main course was - nasi lemak, telur goreng, karipap, creamy bun and masalodeh (Indian’s cuisine). What a sumptuous feast right in the heart of nature. Thanks guys!After spending 2 hours by the waterfall, we headed back downhill. Within 30-45 minutes, we arrived at the base. Overall, great ride, great foods and great refreshment!

Lessons Learnt:
1. Make sure that you sleep well the night before.
2. Use correct tyre pressure for a better ride.
3. Bring additional attire.


Last Friday night, I have been to Putrajaya Critical Mass (PCM) bike ride. Arrived there around 9pm. Parked my car right in front of Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya, later gets off my bike from my rear carrier. At the moment, there were few riders already set their bikes up and cycling around the vicinity area. Most of them with road bikes. After I got myself ready, I joined a group of riders. They used to ride on PCM for a year already and thus my presence was acknowledged by them for supporting the event especially it was the 1st anniversary of PCM. As the time constantly flies, the number of riders has increased. Pa text me to confirm his late arrival. Around 9.45pm, Pa turned up with his shiny orange T-bolt. When the time approaching 10pm, we were all asked to gather in front of the Palace of Justice for a short briefing mainly for highlighting the 1st anniversary of the PCM and some safety instructions especially riding on road during night time. Few riders have been assigned with a flag to guide the mass. The lead of the ride has mounted a Malaysia’s Jalur Gemilang on his road bike for indicative purpose and to spread the patriotism among the riders. Around 10.15pm, the mass started rolling. Seriously, I have never been riding in such a big group. It was really a great feeling to see small kids and old folks riding on their bikes. We were all reminded that the ride will be an easy and leisure ride. No rush. No speeding. Just cycling in a mass. Not a mess! Hmm. I couldn’t remember the details but the ride took us about 1 hour to complete the 25km loop. I must say the PCM has met a great success and well organized. Two thumbs up for the committee. After the ride, the peak celebration took place with a “happy birthday” song which broke the silence of the night along with a cake cutting session. Later, we were all served with good foods – dunkin donuts, cakes, cupcakes, pizza, etc. FOC! (Except for the cupcakes, it costs RM2 each in the name of charity). After that, I manage to meet the organizer, Daoh for congratulating him for this successful event and before I went off, I have met Toyol Pemalu to get my PCM t-shirt. Around 12am, I and Pa were straightaway heading to my residence area to have a light supper.

*credit to Toyol Pemalu for the picture

Sunday, April 12, 2009

MTB - Kemensah

I went out from my house at 6.45 am this morning and then headed to 7E nearby to buy a creamy corn bun and a small size orange juice for fueling my body. I also brought a banana just in case I need it along my ride to boost my energy level. The traffic at the time was smooth. I think everyone enjoyed the coldness and took a longer nap as it was pouring down at late last night. It is Sunday anyway.

I reached Zoo Negara around 7.40 am. It’s been years never been there. To my rusty memory, the main entrance still looks the same. I made a first round heading up to the Kampung Kemensah just right behind the zoo to see if there any riders to chat with. The single lane winding country road with some small chalets along the riverside lead me to an ideal camping site at Hulu Kemensah. At the moment, no one is around. Minutes later, I returned back to the main entrance as the time approaching 8.00 am.

Later, Zul appeared. He text me to confirm his presence. I replied back. Actually, he parked just right in front of me and I didn’t recognized him as he kept his bike inside his car. Later, Mus shown up. As per planned, there will be almost 10 riders for this ride. However, only half could make it due to some personal reasons. While waiting for Kamarul who pedaled from his house at AU4, I made a call to Wan Muzz. Early this morning, he told me that he lost his house’s keys which mean he trapped in his own house! Poor Wan Muzz. Few minutes later, after Kamarul shown up, Wan Muzz finally found the keys. It just happened at the right time. Since it was still early, we decided to wait for him.

Around 8.30 am, everyone was on the track. We started rolling leisurely on-road for the first kilometer before the off-road trail greeting us. Off-road cycling has much to offer - from quiet riverside or waterfront trails, to back country bush and mountain tracks. At first, I was thinking the trail will be relaxed with few uphills and slope slightly but for the hardened enthusiasts, Kemensah trail is the challenging off-road sites that count especially for those with lack of stamina. Just like me. Huhu.

The trail itself is a mixed of rough forest paths and singletrack (also referred to as doubletrack depending on width) with undulating hilly terrain. When my Cateye turned 4.5 km, I felt extremely exhausted. My head is spinning around. My stomach feels uneasy and I am totally wiped out! Maybe I ate too much last night. I don’t know, really. At the moment, we already reached at the first stop with another group which looked more physically fit with their high-ends downhill bikes. Our attempt to join the group to the Hash (or Harsh?) trail seems to be a dream. Later, we decided to go to another trail led by Mus.

The ride continued. Uphills all the way for another kilometer. In the name of fitness, I am totally out. The thing is, I pushed a little more than usual earlier. Anyway, two thumbs up to my riding buds for their supportive curse to help me out to be in the group. For whatever outdoor activities you are dealing with, fitness and stamina is mandatory. That’s a fact! Okay, I am working for it right now. I need some time.

At 6.5 km, we almost reached the top and gained the reward of downhilling right after. We all feel pretty excited at the time. Back to the rules, bear in mind that we should always use both rear and front brakes almost equally during downhill ride. But, it was too bad because somehow I overlook the rule resulting loss of balance, no control over my bike and finally 2nd Newton’s Law has given me a good lesson. I fall off and my bike got into the ravine. Alhamdulillah, everything was fine. I landed safely on a bush. Luckily, no stubble was around. I went down to pick up my bike and checked a little bit for the major parts, then we continued the ride.

20 minutes later when I got back my momentum, I just realized that I have lost my Cateye wireless sensor! Damn it! Hmm. Anyway, I feel very happy because I am still capable to ride again on my bike. No major injury and wound. Alhamdulillah. The downhill rides continued and took us almost 30 minutes after we finally came out from the woods. I didn’t know the detail stats after my gadget lost in the woods but I believe the trail took us 15 km.

Personally, spending time in the Kemensah trail regularly will soon make me practically fit to explore another challenging trail like Lubok Tedung. The trail offers range of difficulties which is good to enhance controllability skills, using gear efficiently and most importantly, to develop stamina. Overall, I must say the ride has given me a lesson to keep and always practice safety above all.